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Sunstone is associated with the Sun's radiant energy and is believed to enhance our joy, leadership, and courage, empowering its users to discover their true selves and their place in the world. 


These shimmery and engaging sunstone crystals are natural and have been carved into puff heart shapes. 


This crystal can help you with:

  • Enhancing leadership qualities
  • Finding personal power
  • Balance feminine and masculine energies
  • Confidence
  • Holding healthy boundaries 
  • Joy


Available Sunstone Hearts are shown in the images above, scroll through the images to see which calls you. 


Average Size:  2 - 2.5" across; .75 - 1" wide (51 - 63mm across, 25mm wide)

Average Weight: 80 - 100g (3-3.5oz)


Sunstone is said to be a stone of leadership and finding your personal power. It has the ability to bring balance to your feminine and masculine energies and bring about freedom and growth in consciousness to those who use it.


If you are someone who has trouble saying “no” to others, lacking in self-confidence or struggling to establish healthy boundaries then bring it into your life and onto your body.


The crystals are said to create a pathway to the heart, expanding it and filling your being with joy. You are restoring happiness and fulfilment within your being and bringing about a sense of pleasure in your life.


In Greek Mythology, the Sunstone crystal is a representation of Ra, The Sun God. The Egyptians believed that this stone fell from the sun during a solar eclipse and was a gift from Ra.


Crystal Heart Benefits: 


Crystal hearts hold a special place in the realm of crystal energy. Their gentle energy vibrates in the energy of love and compassion. And they radiate warmth and comfort to those who embrace them.


These heart-shaped gems promote emotional uplifting, invite self-love, and encourage deep connections with others. Let the soothing vibrations of crystal hearts harmonize your emotions, awaken your inner joy, and inspire a profound sense of love and well-being.


I infuse the healing and high vibrational energies of the Angels and the Orange Ray into these crystals which amplifies, even more, the energy of joy, and balance.


Please note that these are natural crystals that have been shaped into puff hearts; each one has a unique shape.

Sunstone Puff Heart (large)

25,00 €Precio
  • Average Size:  2 - 2.5" across; .75 - 1" wide (51 - 63mm across, 25mm wide)

    Average Weight: 80 - 100g (3-3.5oz)


    Each crystal is unique. If you scroll through the images you will see a photo where the crystals are each lettered. Use the drop-down menu to choose as you are called.


    Comes in a cotton pouch, and lovingly wrapped.

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